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Corporate misconduct on the part of Volkswagen has caused substantial harm to its customers and to the environment. Volkswagen has accepted responsibility for its misconduct to owners and lessees in the United States but has yet to do so in Europe.  

In the United States, Volkswagen and related companies agreed to pay more than $25 billion in total for claims from owners, environmental regulators, states and dealers.  Additionally, Volkswagen offered to buy back about 500,000 affected vehicles. Nearly as many cars were sold in Belgium as in the United States. The harm to customers in Europe is significantly greater, as the scandal affects 8.5 million vehicles sold here as opposed to 500,000 sold in the United States, yet Volkswagen has not offered any compensation or buyback option.

The foundation Diesel Emissions Justice Stichting is initiating legal action to hold Volkswagen AG and related companies responsible for this scandal on behalf of affected European car owners and lessees and obtain adequate compensation for them.  The goal of this foundation is to prevent consumers and professional users of Volkswagen vehicles from bearing the cost of this scandal and to protect the environment. It is clear that Volkswagen installed defeat devices on these vehicles to make them appear compliant with Euro 5 regulation (715/2007/EC). However, the vehicles did not and still do not meet the standards to register and sell these vehicles in Belgium and across Europe.  

The Diesel Emissions Justice Stichting is a foundation based in the Netherlands that, acting on your behalf, intends to initiate legal action against Volkswagen and, subsequently, achieve a fair and acceptable solution for all European purchasers and lessees in the form of a collective settlement. It is important that all European victims are united because a European collective settlement would be most efficient. The Diesel Emissions Justice Stichting can represent all European Dieselgate victims on a legal basis and specifically wishes to represent the Belgian victims. This settlement may take the form of direct financial compensation up to a set percentage of the purchase price, compensation for depreciation of the vehicle, removal of the defeat device software, including compensation of the expenses to pursue your claims.  

We have retained reputed and experienced counsels in Belgium in order to be able to represent the interests of Belgian car owners in Belgium, should Volkswagen prove unwilling to come to the negotiation table.  This allows the foundation to act on a larger scale than any other claim-initiative in connection with the diesel emission fraud. By rolling out a litigation strategy in multiple European countries, we expect to be able to exercise unprecedented pressure on the car manufacturers.

It is free to join. You do not owe anything unless we get compensation for you. 

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