If you bought an impacted diesel, we're here to represent you.


Financial Restitution.
If you purchased an affected vehicle, you likely overpaid for it and will struggle to sell it on the secondary market for full value. Your car also might have been less fuel efficient than promised. The DEJF aims to make sure you get compensated.

No Risk.
We are dedicated to making this process simple and straightforward and operate on a no cure no pay basis. Once you have provided the information about your affected vehicle and asked us to represent you, we will handle your case from start to finish at no cost to you unless we get a recovery on your behalf.

Experienced Team.
When you are taking on a global Car Manufacturer, you want the most experienced team working for you. Our team includes experts and lawyers, from across the globe, committed to getting justice done.

By joining the foundation, you gain strength in numbers and streamline any litigation efforts under one team of experienced lawyers. This allows individuals to amplify their voices and puts pressure on Car Manufacturers to pay for their damaging actions. With this approach, we believe we can finally level the pitch, give you the attention you deserve and reach a solution that serves the interests of European car owners.


7 May 2021 - This morning at a press conference in Berlin, the U.S. law firm Milberg and Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) presented extensive research and compelling evidence outlining the resources and technology that the German auto manufacturer, Daimler used to deceive both government inspectors and consumers at large in respect of harmful diesel emissions...

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