If you have bought or leased an impacted diesel vehicle from across Europe, you may be eligible for compensation by joining us. Please click the appropriate menu tab to see impacted models: Volkswagen Group (Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, VW), Mercedes, Fiat (Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep), Renault* (Dacia, Renault), Opel, Peugeot Group (Citroën, DS, Peugeot). You may be eligible for compensation even if you no longer own or lease your car.

If you own (or owned) a fleet of these vehicles for your business, you may also be eligible. Please see additional details for fleet owners.

*If your car was manufactured by Renault or Dacia, you may only participate if you purchased or leased your car in The Netherlands.

To join this group action, you must register your vehicle on our website and agree to our terms by completing the simple sign-up process. We will also ask you to provide us with proof of identification and proof of vehicle ownership.

This group action is based on a “no cure, no fee” policy so there are no out of pocket costs to you and any compensation for DEJF will come from the settlement itself. You are guaranteed to receive the majority of any settlement and no more than 27.5% will go to the Foundation to cover all of the costs.

The Stichting Diesel Emissions Justice (DEJF) is being advised by a leading group of attorneys and industry professionals from around the world. These professionals are globally recognized as outstanding leaders in the automotive industry and collective redress and have extensive experience in pursuing, resolving and administering collective actions around the world. The Foundation is an independent, Netherlands-based claim foundation and is funded by Consumer Justice Network B.V., a consortium of legal professionals and professional litigation funders.

If your car has been tampered and you have all the documents available, you are welcome to join our foundation. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of the litigation, we will do our best to acquire compensation for you. In some cases, we may suggest you also take action locally to protect your rights.

If you are already a part of another organisation or have begun legal proceedings separately, you are not able to join our foundation without revoking the other membership first or withdrawing from the other proceedings. If you are unable to proceed with a claim through the Foundation because your car was purchased or leased outside the Netherlands, you may wish to join a group bringing claims in the country of acquisition.

We are constantly working to reduce the amount of information you need to provide to us. For now, we will need a copy of your ID (such as a driving license) to verify your identity. If you prefer to upload your passport or identity card, that is also acceptable but please be sure to redact your National Insurance or BSN number. We also need proof of ownership, such as your registration certificate, to verify that you own the car. If you are a previous owner, we can use a bill of sale instead of the registration certificate. We promise you that your information will be handled with the utmost care, and only shared with the car manufacturers if this is necessary for the procedure. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

It is difficult to predict how much compensation you may receive. Your reimbursement amount will depend on the decision of the court and the outcome of the lawsuit.

Yes, you have the right to withdraw at any time you want by sending your withdrawal notification to However, should the foundation come to a settlement agreement with your vehicle’s manufacturer, or should a positive outcome be reached with the courts, you will no longer be able to cancel. This is fair, because at that moment we will have delivered results benefitting you.

The court process can be time-consuming, and it is difficult to predict how long it will last. There is no guarantee of success or deadline. It is anticipated this lawsuit will take at least 24- 36 months to get a final decision from the court. Should we be able to reach an amicable settlement with the manufacturer during the course of litigation, this could be quicker although additional time may be required in order to obtain court approval for a settlement. If additional litigation is required outside the Netherlands, it may take several years before results may be reached.

The manufacturer pages on our menu include details about our legal case and progress. We also send out a quarterly newsletter to all participants. This is also available under “news” on our website. For your specific vehicle(s), you can log into our website directly to see your status and update your details. If you have forgotten your password, or still need to create one, you can click “Login” and then “Unable to Login” and instructions will be emailed to you.

Whether you sell your car or not, as long as you purchased the car in the applicable window, you can still join the foundation and seek compensation. Any costs to you would only be taken out of your settlement and nothing would be transferred to the new owner. Please do keep a copy of the sales receipt when you sold your car and keep us posted so we can update it on the system.

For Dutch people, it does. For non-Dutch, it may not. The statutes of limitations differ in various jurisdictions in Europe, and registration with the Foundation will not, by definition, interrupt the statute of limitation for car owners who purchased or leased their vehicle outside the Netherlands, where we are based. The Foundation will at the same time do everything it reasonably can, on a best effort basis, in order to interrupt the statute of limitation on your behalf.

DEJF takes pride in cooperating with foundations that share common goals in an effort to obtain access to justice for consumers. Recently DEJF filed a writ against Renault in cooperation with Car Claim Foundation (Stichting Car Claim) and we look forward to upcoming opportunities to collaborate.

DEJF has strong relationships with several organisations listed on our website. In addition, we work with a few different companies to review and process claims. If you receive an email regarding your participation with the Foundation and have any concerns about its authenticity, please contact us via phone or email so we can review and confirm if it is legitimate.

The best way to get in touch with us is via email so we can review your file and obtain any clarification necessary before we respond to each email individually.

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